A warm welcome to Sanur Independent School (S.I.S). Established in 1996 to provide a quality education for the expatriate and local community from Kindergarten to Primary School level. Sanur Independent School has gained a reputation as a school which provides a caring environment for its students and encourages the pursuit of excellence in academic, sporting and cultural endeavors. We recognize that each child is a unique and precious individual. Our aim at Sanur Independent School is to develop and promote each childs individual abilities and talents, and to inspire them to be lifelong learners. The Australian National Curriculum is used as the framework upon which we build our curriculum. However, being an international school we also draw on resources from the United Kingdom, United States and other English speaking countries, enriched with Indonesian studies. Thank you for your expression of interest and we hope to be able to welcome you into our school community.



Mark Star

School Vision

  We want our School to be:
Arrow A school where everyone (staff, students, parents) wants to be.
  Arrow A school of which everyone can be proud.
  Arrow A community in which everyone is teaching and everyone is learning.
  Arrow A school that respects differences: of philosophy, culture, style and passion.
  Arrow A school that strives for high academic standards.
  Arrow A school that strives for excellence in cultural and sporting pursuits.
  Arrow A school that provides high quality care.
  Arrow A school where everyone's contribution is appreciated.
  Arrow A school of enjoyment and humour.
  Arrow A school of friendship.


School Mission

Sanur Independent School is an independent school devoted to educating students in a caring atmosphere where all students are encouraged to achieve their personal best in all they do in life.

  Statements in Support of the Mission:
  Arrow The School is dedicated to create a supportive community through the pastoral care of all in its community - students, staff, parents, extended family and friends.
  Arrow The School is dedicated to the creation of an informal, yet structured environment where traditional values and caring discipline are prominent features.
  Arrow The School is dedicated to striving for high levels of excellence in all aspects of education including : academic, cultural and sporting endeavours.
  Arrow The School is dedicated to its role in preparing students to be positive members in tomorrow's changing society.

Aims of the School

Foster an intrinsic sense of respect for self and others through a living understanding of moral values - care, understanding and acceptance.
Provide a safe and supportive physical and social/emotional environment which fosters in ALL a sense of ownership and pride in the School through collaboration.
Foster high expectations to enable ALL to experience success as they strive to attain their potential academically, socially, emotionally, physically and culturally through diverse and equitable learning experiences.
Shape a community of versatile, spirited learners who value quality relationships with their family, teachers, peers and the community as a whole so as to establish high standard citizenship.
Develop independent and lifelong learners with the confidence to take risks and with a passion for self-improvement and development to meet the changing needs of ALL within School.
Develop the skills of collaboration and critical and creative thinking so that all members of the School community can work effectively in a variety of environments.
Continue to improve and increase facilities and resources to enable increased opportunities for students to participate in range of co-curricular and extra-curricular programs and activities and for staff to work effectively.
Achieve and maintain cutting edge technology and technical competency throughout the School community that enhances the delivery, quality and effectiveness of teaching, learning and administration.

Educational Philosophy

Encouragement, motivation and support to allow all students to achieve to their personal best. An ethos and philosophy based on mutual respect and understanding.

Sanur Independent School exists to provide quality educational experiences to students in a multicultural setting. We believe the growth of young people is best achieved from a supportive viewpoint with social, emotional, physical, intellectual, aesthetic and spiritual growth underpinning this view. Whilst the aforementioned may be attended to separately on occasions, the balance of the whole is important. We believe every young person has a right to achieve at his/her highest level in all he/she attempts, and that these attempts and attainments should be highly valued and encouraged. It falls on the school to provide opportunities and creative programmes to meet the needs of students. These programmes demonstrate the uniqueness and potential of each child.

We believe each child is a unique individual with his/her own unique potential. The task facing teachers and parents is to work together to find each child's areas of excellence, talents and attributes, and support and encourage them to achieve their dreams.

In support of its approach to learning, Sanur Independent School believes that young people learn best in an environment in which they feel valued and happy. Principally, happiness and self worth are the corner stones of all growth and learning, regardless of age, and thus it demands energy from staff in areas of student self esteem and pastoral care.

  Pastoral Care and Discipline:
It is the intention of Sanur Independent School to be known in the community for possessing a caring culture, and having staff prepared to 'go the extra mile' in providing pastoral support to students (and families).
High standards are expected in such areas as manners, speech, dress and appearance, behaviour in the classroom and on the sports field, respect for the property of others and in meeting responsibilities.
Essentially, the emphasis is on encouragement to meet these standards and on counseling the student who experiences difficulty in doing so.
However, if a student displays constant difficulty in meeting these expectations, further consequences will ensue.

The most effective approach to discipline within the school rests firmly on the quality of the relationship and understanding between staff and students. Mutual respect and understanding are far more effective than an endless list of school rules.


Lyndhurst Primary School in Victoria, Australia (70 Brookwater Parade, Lyndhurst VIC 3975) and Sanur Independent School in Bali, Indonesia (Jl. Tukad Nyali, Gg. SMU 6 No.3, Sanur, Denpasar), hereby agree to become sister schools in order to develop friendship and cooperation between our two schools and promote mutual understanding and cultural awareness between Victoria, Australia and Indonesia.


  • To increase cultural awareness, respect and appreciation between people in Indonesia and Australia.
  • To involve teachers, students and families in getting to know one another and work together.
  • To provide opportunities to interact with people from other cultures.
  • To develop and maintain a strong friendship through regular communication.
  • To maintain private and confidential information of students, staff and school records.


  • Exchange of information about the curriculum, school policy and school events.
  • Sharing of teaching resources, ideas and teaching strategies.
  • Exchange of student work, email, letters and photos with parents/guardians permission.
  • Provide video conferencing using Skype to collaborate between both schools including class interaction and professional development sessions.
  • Involving the community through newsletters and websites.
  • Inviting parents to be involved in activities with their children such as letter writing, create a dance video, painting a picture, etc.
  • Starting an E Pen Pals sister school club.
  • Working closely with an Engage with Asia team with representative from all grades and specialists to increase involvement across the school.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein

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